Saturday, October 30, 2010

Week 1 Done...

Well I finished my first week of P90X. I started out really strong and then started to feel worn right down and really struggled on day 4 and 5. So I made an effort to eat a bit more on day 6 and I nailed it. Today was a rest day and I'm soooo very thankful for it!

But, all in all, I'm really enjoying it. I love having something new to do everyday. I don't get bored! To be honest I think this is the longest I've consistently stuck with a program.

Monday, October 25, 2010



Well I kept with the low-card low-GI and it seemed to have helped! I've just felt lighter and less bloated and fewer cravings!

I've just been lacking a good workout routine. I do still love Body Rock's workouts, but I have such a hard time motivating myself to do them daily because they just KILL me!

I started reading about P90X. It sounded like it was just what I needed, so I bought it! So far I'm really loving it. I'm following the Lean routine, so more cardio and less upper body muscle building. It really gets me moving, and I'm tired, but I don't feel sick or like I can't keep going. Yesterday was Day One!

I hope to keep making updates on my progress!