Sunday, January 9, 2011

13 days.

This is where I fall off the wagon. I get tired of counting everything that's in my food. I get tired of working out everyday. I get TIRED! Okay, I haven't totally fallen off. But I'm starting to! Time to pick myself back up again.

I'm starting to get a feel for what 1200 calories a day would include, and what it definitely doesn't. Bread and cheese are no-no's! Takeout pizza is horrible. Salty snacks are horrible. Oatmeal and snap peas are fantastic.

Oh, on the plus side. I HAVE still written down everything that I put in my mouth. I just didn't total off the calories ect.

So, here's to a better next... well, forever? haha. Okay, I'll promise myself 7 days. I can do that for now.