Thursday, December 30, 2010

I've had an Epiphany...

I've figured myself out. I'm a master of losing 5 pounds. I've become comfortable at 160 pounds. If I get to 165, I'll lose to 160 and then go off the diet and fitness plan, until I gain a couple of pounds and than I lose it again. I've been 160 for nearly 3 years now. What I REALLY want is to be 130 again, why am I so stuck on 160? Why can't I keep going PAST 160?

I've decided I'm not going to be comfortable at 160 anymore! I don't care if I've been that weight for so long, I DON'T like it. Just like I DON'T like being 170 so I drop that weight easily and quickly.


I'm still doing P90X! I had to break for awhile because I hurt my wrist and couldn't do most of the workouts. But wrist is better so I'm back on track. I've also been snowboarding again, so woohoo!

I found this fun little tool at the bookstore the other day! It's a diet and fitness day planner! It lets me fill out what I've eaten and how much I've worked and tracks how much I'm losing, ect ect ect. I really love it! I've done that with internet programs and such but I hate having to come to the computer every time I eat something. This is so much easier to just keep in my bag to keep track! I've tracked the past two days already... and it's suddenly clear why I'm not losing right now, haha.

Well all in all 2010 wasn't a bust. I completed goals and I DID lose weight, not as much as I wanted, but I lost! I also read more books, and climbed more mountains. Twas a good year.

Heading into 2011 with some new motivation and tools, hoping for the best!


  1. How tall are you? I'm 160lbs and I'm 5'9". I really want to lose about 10 more pounds, but I can't figure out what's right for me to lose those last 10lbs. It's driving me crazy!! My friend burnt me copies of P90X and I HATE it!!!! There are too many push-up moves that I can't do, and like you said, hurt your wrists. And I HATE the downward dog pose... they seem to do that one a lot. LOL Good luck on reaching 130!! You can do it! :)

  2. I'm 5'6! haha yeah there are a LOT of push ups, I have to do them from my knees still. If my wrists start to hurt I just stop or re-position them!

    I like the downward dog but they do it a LOT, lol. My shoulders get tired after holding it for so long, lol.

  3. Haha, I cannot do a regular push-up! I don't think I will ever be able to do a push-up that's not doing them from my knees ;o) There is one P90X workout I really like. I think it MIGHT be the cardio one. I'm not sure. What other workout DVDs do you do? We bought a treadmill and I've been running, but I easily get bored of that, so I need something else to do.