Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wii Fit Plus

I bought a Wii Fit Plus yesterday! I had a Wii Fit before (I actually pre-ordered it and got it the very day it came out) but I got bored of it and sold it. I saw the commercials for the new one, and I was wanting to play it again so I caved.

It's actually a LOT more fun! There are more games, all of the old games are unlocked so you can play whatever you like, and there are calorie counters and other new features. I played it for over an hour today and got a decent workout! I think if I played more of the aerobic games longer it would have been better, but I was hooked on the bubble balance game.

Oh well, I plan to go snowboarding tomorrow so I can't get myself too sore! Snowboarding will do that enough as is!

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