Thursday, February 4, 2010

Intense Intervals

So my Gymboss Timer came in the mail today! I went off to the gym with a workout in mind, to find the gym PACKED. Every machine taken. Every inch of mat taken. Not even a free exercise ball or weights that weigh less than 25 pounds. So I got frustrated and left!

Instead, I came home and did a cardio workout from with my timer. WOW. I am EXHAUSTED! It was really intense! Zuzuna does 20 seconds work with 10 seconds rest, but as a beginner I did 15 seconds work with 15 seconds rest. It's using the tabata method of training - so 4 minutes of intense interval training is worth just as much as 40 minutes moderate intensity on an elliptical. I did 5 different workouts of 4 minutes each for a total of 20 minutes! I can definitely feel the burn.

Here are the workouts...

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