Wednesday, February 10, 2010


The last week or so I started getting that "I'm bored/This isn't working" feeling again. I haven't wanted to workout and I indulged in a delicious poutine on the weekend. It was seeming no matter what I did, I just can't just past a 7 pound loss! It's been up and down and up and down but never past 7. I know I'm gaining muslce, but it just sucks to not feel like I'm making progress in the direction I would like.

After a big "up" after the weekend, I was REALLY getting dissapointed. But I still dragged my butt to the gym last night and worked VERY hard. This morning I decided to see what the scale had to say. Well, went back to the 7.3 pound loss but I got there over 2 weeks ago. So I just decided to get dressed and get ready for work. In the pile of clothes was an old pair of jeans I haven't fit into for awhile that I tried on two weeks ago with no such luck. I decided to try again. They FIT. And not like, the button is about to pop off and I can barely walk... they comfortably actually fit! Yayyyy! I instantly feel better and motivated to keep going. I really hope the scale starts to reflect progress soon as well.

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