Wednesday, February 24, 2010

You-tubin' It Up

I know I'm posting a lot today, I feel like I have to play catch up from my lack of posts over the past week, lol.

I wanted to share my fave YouTubers! I watch quite a few, and find them all inspiring and have great tips and workouts!

1.) charliejames1975 - This is's channel! The best workouts around, and she has some REALLY great recipes too! She's also taken more of a vlog approach as of late which is really fun. I love watching them. Hands down, my favourite channel.

2.) diethealth - Good tips and workouts! They have some cool routines and programs, too.

3.) SarahsFabChannel - I really like her! She posts workouts and lots of advice, and how she dropped weight herself. She's in the process of becoming a certified trainer, too!

4.) ToneItUp - I find these girls really inspiring and motivating! They have some good tips, too.

If you have any youtube channels you like to watch, share!

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