Sunday, January 10, 2010

Changing Addictions

I guess I'm a bit of an "emotional eater" or just eat if I'm bored. I've caught myself trying to do that a few times this week, and I will turn to exercise instead and the fake hunger pangs disappear. However, now I feel like I'm getting addicted to working out! If I'm bored all I want to do is get on the Gazelle or play Wii or go for a walk or SOMETHING. Even after my 2 hour workout at the gym, I still wanted more.
I have never EVER been one of those exercise junkies who actually LIKES it. So, it's kind of a strange feeling to want to workout, but a big step in the right direction!

I'm excited for this week to get rolling and see how I can make that scale move. I look forward to morning weigh in's (I find it makes a difference for me to weigh in every day. Once a week I will give myself "cheat days" and tell myself I'll make up for it later... but I don't). If I keep up as I have been, I'll be down 5 pounds in the week or so!

I also have some Before pictures and measurements I want to post, but I won't let myself until I really have something to compare it to. So, that could be in another 2-4 weeks, I hope soon!

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