Friday, January 29, 2010

New Idea

Upon writing my last blog post, I suddenly remembered the tabata method of cardio training, I had watched videos from of a 20 minute intense cardio workout that is equal to 40 minutes of boring moderate cardio. Time saving? Heck yes!

I had always wanted to try it, but I never had the proper timer. I searched EVERYWHERE and couldn't find one anywhere. I needed something that gives you 20 second and 10 second intervals for 4 minutes total. I knew the Gymboss Interval Timer would do that, but I wanted to see if I could find something without ordering online. Yeah, no luck.

So I just bought myself a Gymboss! It should be here next week, and I'm super pumped to try a tabata workout. In that case, I'll do that 5 times a week, so I guess 20 minutes in the morning and than just what I've been doing with the gym 3 times a week with strength and 30-60 minutes of cardio.


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