Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Reading: Handle With Care

So part of my Re-Shaping is also reading more! I finished my first book of the year (well, sort of, I started it in December). It was Handle With Care by Jodie Picoult.

It’s about a little girl who has a disease that makes her bones break very easily. Her parents are running out of money to be able to support the medical costs, and worry how the rest of her life will be. They sue the ob-gyn (which, I won’t spoil, but is quite the twist) for not detecting the illness sooner, but have to say in court they would have aborted their daughter had they known about the illness.

The ending was a bit… shocking. But, typical for Jodie’s writing style. It reminded me a bit of My Sisters Keeper. All in all, it was quite good!

Now I’m finishing up The Food Revolution by John Robbins. I want to start another novel, I think I’ll go pick up The Lovely Bones this weekend.

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