Friday, January 15, 2010

Toughing it out

Now is the time I typically say "screw it!" and go back to my old ways. I start to get bored of having to watch everything I put in my mouth, and I would much rather sit on the couch and do nothing. I can feel it already, and I realllly am having to push myself through it and keep going. It doesn't help that yesterday I was so dang TIRED! I just couldn't wake up so I had no motivation to do anything and wanted to eat everything in sight. Now this morning, a box of donuts and muffins (NOT healthy muffins) are sitting here at work. I stared at them for a minute and thought how good it would be, than I thought "well I could just have half, even just a quarter of it!". But, I'm not hungry, I had breakfast. And I REALLY want to be at the 5 pound loss mark by Monday. Which means I need to (literally) work my butt off to get there.

Today was pay day, so I'm going to the gym tonight and getting a month pass, and to see if there are any more openings for the pilates/yoga class.

I won't let myself fall off this time! I've done so well already I just need to keep on pushing through.

1 comment:

  1. Love the commitment! "Screw it" simply isn't an option. Power through the tough spot and do what it takes to achieve your goals.

    You can do this!